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Sunvery is IT Recruitment agency. We care about all small details in the recruitment process to save time of the client and create the best candidate`s experience.
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Sunvery possesses a deep knowledge of the developer sector in local region while always going the extra mile to make sure candidates are aware of the customer needs and requirements.
Sunvery staff with advance recruitment skill s were able to significantly improve our time-to-hire on several key roles over the past six months. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sunvery when recruiting new staff.

We are successfully working together with Sunvery since many months and were able to hire really strong employees due to Sunvery professions support.

I have really enjoyed my experience of working with Ivan from Sunvery team! These guys really know what they do and they have managed to fulfill relatively complicated opening effectively and within the desired timeframe.
Their services turned to be a bit pricey due to the trashhold for the minimum amount so we can’t utilize their potential for «small» vacancies. For the complicated ones Sunvery is a good choice.
Our company will gladly work with them again.

It was very pleased to work with Sunvery. We had very urgent vacancies and these guys helped us to stuff it very quickly. If you want to have quality candidates and want to closed your open positions ASAP you might be asking for help Sunvery without any doubts.

Sunvery helped us to fill a QA Engineer position for our Lviv office. They have been proactive and professional in their approach throughhout. As a result, we were able to find a suitable candidate and close the position quickly.

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